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Hartford herald Hartford, Ky. July 18, Hartford herald Geeignet Tratamentul varicelor în Balakovo Alter, Ky.

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Digital page images are linked to the text check this out. SUHSCJ5IPTION Oao copy, one -- KATES. S M Onoleopylix months Pno copy. Alt Utter on Tver ohh bine varicele rauf t be addressed to JOHN I. H 2J COME, Tver ohh bine varicele HERALD OF A. XEWS OF ALL XATI0XS LUMISE1UXG AT MY HACK. M CoL I CaL 10 OW For tho Hartford Herald. HARTFORD, OHIO COUNTY, KENTUCKY, JULY 18, Searcc the door when master NO.

One Ineh of ipse Fonhortertime. I - A rriT Ah ty should not be allowed to elbow them been killed? Church South Services third Sun.

T in every month. Tver ohh bine varicele Sunday Schwd every Sunday morn-la- g must be in their place Little thoughts li!! I never heard will be held at Hartford, beginning Mono cicnt fund mny be provided for the pay. Hardly two years oM day, July 23, 1ST7, and continuing four ment or the conductor. All questions Will practice la Ohio and adjoining conn tics Having How delightful it ts to wait for all of a never seen a donkey before, and having such howling and whining.

Mischief in every dimple, prepared my. Jaraea Stuart, Judge, Owensboro. Those who do not attend the Institute understanding of the method discussed. Messing", Mary, A thousand 1 1 TOliXE Y AT LA K. On your little head of gold. Depulief press the public mind by introducing lo ding, dong, gocn the hell calling us to servants hnrried to the spot.

There lay tite of tho wolves and their concert beHAirTFORLi, KY. S V Tver ohh bine varicele, leaver My darling little fairy, A The County Board Tver ohh bine varicele Examiners will its meditations larger views of the respon gether for study and recitations, Dam, B II Coaler, l.

As soon hs she got came truly infernal. They soemed to be meet on Tver ohh bine varicele first Saturday in each month. SpacUI FRAGMENTS OF THE EARLY HISTORY the good soul was devotedly superstischolastic nonsense.

It is reallv a won. K L Vie, jailer, Hartford. I a Tver ohh bine varicele In April and Court begini on firet Mondayi " If the suggestions arc followed, the Tver ohh bine varicele day goes study, recitations; siti.

Two things arc indispensable to ren stitute can hardly JtXSE e. We give only thirsty, Tver ohh bine varicele heard a brook babbling and Hon. A proper appreciation of their vene varicoase în picioare Oupt. Of lo assemble in the study their design. That nnd hearts that will produce fruitage and J. He sought an interview with absolutely dared not go there the teacher should diligently study his harvest throughout the entire educational hall, Tver ohh bine varicele the roll is calledaml our ,ie- Month.

Ry and by I heard n. Some are politely re- Hingnood: BeRinton the Crtt Monday. So I kept my nTHCll COUMTY OFFWEHS. The untianic, Forumul tratarea venelor varicoase la picioarelor a real pcrocage the lnte "And what will jou do when you get J. I thinking nnd the imbecile nre first cousOFFICE West side of Market street1 to an end sometime?.

I more than once thought t boa. Respected audience, it may be that see- t. I have given there? J -r I saw fiery eyei glaring down from It. At length I thought school VTJI. To sec with the nave Tver ohh bine varicele that I am going to pro girls hope, books, books M1 must he ponof my supper, and turned to sec if my hall I Tver ohh bine varicele nounce some eulogy upon the patriots, dered erscheint varicele e wie for I June verv words in which he related them.

In crowding too I 1 i. The v certainly atlbid a strong temptation EFTitf. He wns little the fhimes do but was consumed. A man may July,the famous Declaration of In All this, and not ono word ANHronn nothing to 2 I, toast the other I and Ml have I Tver ohh bine varicele 1J Wlleoi dependence. But you are mistaken. I of the individual, aud oftheHCcnes una so aware of the dogged resolutions Tver ohh bine varicele my HARTFORD, KY.

On that half 1 be a walking encyclopedia, and he far about compositions. Compositions th e cisikktoitx nisrstcr no. I I speak ciety into which please click for source peculiar humors car- character, ain? UQca in ho courthouse.

I Urn Newton pose. I assured him that I was wious of panthers that 1 could not close my contidenci in juJjmcnU. Va Is I 20 20 I He made no ob be dismayed by Tver ohh bine varicele and shadows. Ik what was right " declare the course which impel them to C1iMCLt. Samuel Ann in JOHN I BAR RETT, into the sea, etc. Would an artisan 2 I 2 I 21 I to bs continued. Of course everything should bo 21 20 22 that a little rough experience would Foon TL Allen vince you all Tver ohh bine varicele tire oppressions to which ecli-iistanding these inaccuracies, the whole is bring mc home again.

I asked for monsraiKis waTtKir so. John A Jlennett and Real EaUto Agent, pood description Tver ohh bine varicele ltucknoods Will a surgeon unacquainted with the I, modest as I am, come before yon to I journey. I c a veryIt ii too lengthy to give intireN; ey for my Tver ohh bine varicele a long,He went to a chtst Editor Herald ; life.

He fillid and l. Will ami every body Lelicies that they spoke comitiritrPS thus: Prompt attention asked f. Will buy, eiven to th. Wc hold thcao truths to be our independence. Kentnokiau by residence and horse! VT Ut ple, all the citizens of this neighborhood mold minds while ho knows and cares t by Tver ohh bine varicele. IktfuiiimW nJ emigrating to Kentucky servant jou eonnot take care of yourself, took in name in early day from the great motivities of action?

You stare, but have a much less him. WEDDING ilic tJuciitr, tlierelore, slioulil sceK ev the pursuit of happiness. If all have a J M Casel. My lather was one enough to travel Tver ohh bine varicele foot. S- - COMMISSIONER Jo I Ilardrr, This Tver ohh bine varicele a pnor country, as there is worthy of his vocation, He slrould respectable class of the community called pledge ourselves to make-thHe was a widower, and take him ut his word.

I mid Tver ohh bine varicele Richmond. I I Lib" Tver ohh bine varicele. The undersigned invites the attention of the Commonwealth. Here follows place, mid straightened myself up. I " HiKTri r. MADK by Agents in cities and omit. Such was oufgood housekeeper, got to the door. The law, the narrow limits of the college walls, The Fairmount country towns. Rarlsirn, who was determined, unwitting- back?

Nearly all nre trving rightly apprehending the importance of under the supervision of lynxed-eye- d TOLICE COURTS. Jndga, teeond the use of Machinery Hall, in His first introduction to tucky. I am determined to show that building and remodeling their dwellings compulsory.

April, July and October. Those able to teach must our wills. It so happened that my way lo am not the tail end of the family. A Aanrcss Heaver Dam. Cooper, JuJc, Crt school lay across thecommon. The first will have to omit his adventures on the their wives.

I am very much pleased those who nre ignorant must go to be happiest day, trying to comprehend the National Immigration sriXMIiABEXCT. July an I October. Montague, Judge, recond ns it will add n few Tver ohh bine varicele ruillcs, pulls stitute a bore may be set down ns as philosophy, Chemietry, Logic, or pour- cuaeue, nil contributions the diflerent Saturday in January.

July and October ly. Katie Funic for your never so interested in his school as on pened so long ago. John Commissioners should v. As I said before, tin machine to make up ray spring goods. To refuse solve some proposition in Mathematics, tures, works Tver ohh bine varicele the laws. I accordingly Ohio was vet an awful river. All was Hamilton J. Lankford, Judge, This ncighlorhHd has some very in- - to do so ii not only to manifest a deplor which is nearly meaningless, to tho rates of taxation tifthe diflVrriit States: Near the conflurender tneirrrofeasional Services to tho eit- terci-tnijr.

Carman, Marrhal, litilc girls I ever saw is Deliln, teachers of his county, but to he morally don t seem to be so very much. Some of ianas lor sale; together with, Mellenry.

Then sums landed, bid adied to the broad horn and nil alwlract aud made a kind daughter of C. Courta Uld Erit Wednet-da- moning some of my years old and has never been to school his oath of oflice. A prompt revocation as though there was any better language manager of the Bureau to answer any JQR.

My only idea was in her life, nnd can read in In January, Apiii, July and OetoWr. I school book and is a constant, reader of treat the Institute with contempt would Xu. After some- difficulty we had relations in Lexington nnd other set- the Herald, can also read writing. Why, Saturdays nnd partiality or favoritism. Up flew his heels, away 1 ble my father would write concerning tue.

AUo reduction in fillinr?. However, I was on my legs in a ence, and resolutely bent on making my ers an opportunity to replant their tobacSecond The iivjijn ol tho Institute, as Meets third Monday night in each twinkling, gave chase, caught him nnd way in the world without assistance and Let tne depict the annoyances of one States and Territories that desiro it Kxtraelintcclb.

Corn, wheat and tobacco look well W. Hence they should all be represented. Tcath ax traded w ilS. From that time master Jack I shot n turkey and slung it on mv back Sewing- Every route, by m i an. I by land, to nnd to govern is next in importance. If, our sweetest slumbers broken by the ring companions had a romping life of for provisions. The forest was open and and Tver ohh bine varicele Education. No matter what from all the Si. Tver ohh bine varicele seemed Meets second Monday night in each hours month.

Scc nags never let dresuri sarcinii de varice gro-- v under their At length I came to where a gang of vnst meaning.

Under- iarties having to offer im feet He soon became so knowing that half starved wolves were feasting on the education consists of going to school n are spent in "quizzing, then the utility up. Or, if wc happen, by some mistake, I lie full and explicit in he took to his heels at the sight of a carcass ot a deer which they had run certain length of time and a number of of the Institute may well be questioned. Is education music may serve as elements ol enter- minute longer to get our eyes open good, prehended.

Tho-- e who Imvc lands to oflonger ever completed? Then, of course, we must do Kyon the Second and Fourth Snttiniay eveninc in each month. The fraternity jected an excursion on one of those long make my observations. One larger nnd pares anyone for the application of it in Institute that the recess does to the something. Some suggest sleep on. As I knew Jacks would be fiercer thatvthe rest seemed to claim the the school room.

Wc are all teachers it school. Abstract themes nre seldom that would be very nice indeed, for the LIGHT-RUNNING one way or another, and to impart profitably discussed. Essays should alvenient for Tver ohh bine varicele to do o. Territories will readily see the importance sc on Sunday morning, others in L. Vaim, Sec in great demand night, and conducted Ihim larger share, and to keep thehim while knowledge to advantage, wc.

If any one came near cured one over attractive the truths to be learned, and B. The curriculum the table. But what dots that matter? There is abundant rcom for where was I to quarter him for the night?

This, thought with the learn more here illustration. There is struction should be strictly confined to asks one. Oh, nothing much, only a T. I could not put him in the stable, for our I, must be the captain; If I can kill him teachers in instructing the young pupil.

IS Tilt, HARTFORD LODGE NO. I ac- Dillicultlcs which they cannot get over dnatic conceit should bo permitted to all; Tver ohh bine varicele sick, says another, and havs Newspapers and periodicals, when resome one tells them how. The squander the time upon branches and your breakfast tent to your room. That in that domain as Barbara was within cordingly took aim, fired, and down without.

MeeUin Taylor Hall, Hartford, Kydoors, and would have thought his horses, dropped tho old fellow. He might he young pupil must have a start, and the subjects thnt transcend the work of the would be very pleasant indeed, but there ceived, are carefully filed for inspection. Urralcstt Hnnje ol Work, teacher should take more care than those common ichool teacher.

How to tench Rest Quality- of Work. A cordial invi- his stable and himself disgraced by the only shamming Lib Ckamdall. I recollected the a second ball through him.

Of course our teacher must come to You may "kiss him for his mother," der to vieit tti, and aH such will be made and geography, mental and smokediouse and out buildings appended budged ; all the rest rati off and my vic with a word to pronounce or n simple grammar welcome.

And she sent Ihe little rascal, say go Tver ohh bine varicele down and pronounce it your-sel- l, tion, together with how to organize, conMisa Ellex Tivton, W. Braiding Machine known, eoata bnt J5 wise conclusion that a paper pill or two locked the door, returned the key fo its ment. I marched on with renovated will not know any more about it than nt While thus you challenge fair, more than tbe Family ilaehins.

A teacher must have pitienccnot time allotted to a legal session. The In would be beneficial. They must BRIDGES, unexcelled for eleganeo and prHWTikn to release my prisoner at an early hour, of the forest. As night drew near I pre- get mad, or fretted, for no one can control stitute should always have a Committee sented nt once and wc hnvu to swallow it To ki? Settl 5 eenta for an UlnkraJcd WITH before any of the family were awake, I pared for camping.

My first caro was to a child or bcIiooI successfully till Tver ohh bine varicele on rrogramnio that will scrutinizingly I What freedom, I would respectfully rA catalogue. But I was so tired, however, with the exertions collect dry wood and make a roaring fire can first govern themselves.

Let mc say, however, and Literary JanrnaJ I had made in catching the donkey, that lo cook nnd sleep by, and to frighten off any one might be benefitted or Tver ohh bine varicele the branch to be illustrated by each, and, that one hundred thousand dollar, by the rise Acknowledged aulbrIty1E;1.

I then thereby, but that 1 might be benefitted as near as may be, accurately defined the whenever we get up promptly, some in Louisiana bonds. Tver ohh bine varicele OKALIKS IV broke without my awakening.

Tver ohh bine varicele by eomo one writing on the same subject range and limit expected or the demon- thing gets out of order in the kitshen, or cent". Agent winlecValMlwt titfnl. E A9fr-- f t A thnt is qualified to do the subject justice. Address, Not so with Barbara, the housekeeper.

Rowe, please give the strator. Sufficient time should be given No. Eighth and Ninth, Tver ohh bine varicele usual, to u3o her own phrase, she was part of my "expedition, but that was com readers of the Ueualo a letter written those designates!

At last the brli rinj. Oh, that Standard comes next, abetit 2H W. V n, -- gen-eio- us 1 licnt-tici. I Ohio Circuit Court. Although last week Tver ohh bine varicele given up by That th teachers ot the common schools of Kentucky lt: How ne- should be is n subject ol the greatest mo- - with no material change since my Inst ol Lewis Ii. Smith, deceased, that the Dealer in Stajdo and Fnncy Groceries, before pajiog. Hardware, Aurictiltural linpli-incntho know incut.

Teachers even of the highest report. There was a good demand for undersigned. Commissioner ol the Ohio ina. AdrertUioe Airrnl for thr Coor-. Jeweler, lsfi ami iMachinery y tic ran the better judge. Itoom 20, Courier-JournNotwithstanding the Jry.

There were styled cause, will attend nt his ollice. Hartford, from the dale hereof, until Tver ohh bine varicele w. S, OAOE A CO. Dealer, in field and nuiiuio. Mattreiif-- nnd Bed agents for tho celebrated Sln.

Ubaler wagon of I5: Wtient hart heeu hnrvvMrd, and. Mxtra shippers ceudent; nnd that all claims not present4-e- Hogar, CrunhoJ per lb Tor Slate Senator, ding nfevrrj deseription.

CotTt-- prr lb never, in the history of the county, linn commissioner. Best Tver ohh bine varicele It iniruana iourln. CoSre wliils WCRACH confrctionrre Tver ohh bine varicele rraitertrs 95 13 rucli lienvy crop heeu raised, if the opiti Tver ohh bine varicele informed that in case they forfeit I cattle arc worth I jo.

Anew firm rtliIUbrJ ralace" Clothin- - Home hi the Tver ohh bine varicele withdrawal of J, B. Yf orach after K. Judging their certificates by non attendance, their fair, SJc to Ijc; common, 2c to 3jc. G5 to "i been removed from West llaiket SLto Jeff- VTuracb A Itergreeo. Fur from in v imncJir. The demand nstcr Commissioner" Xotico.

They are all selves for a nvu certificate. This is fol- - for hogs was good at SI. Will ra l free to any Ohio Circuit Court. The market was Agunit Atral Oil. Tents, Awning, Wagon liusisr, KyJuly 16, 1S Salt prr barre- lROfiBERT A COwholrsala grocers Covers, tf. Good rheep sold from 3 to Ic, W. Rectifiers aad, Notice is hereby given to the Creditors Tea elioice Lambs, common to choice, brought 3J to that Wc sow Vrilf! McConnell deceased, that the Triv air to Tver ohh bine varicele 75 to.

The monotonv of the times is Woken Why. E ROLLINl JIILL CO. Cattle 7S0; Circuit Court, under an Order in the Prppi-r-grain, prr lb- Davis J Co. Pciqier, gronml, " " T. ORR, Wc rim ply rolled No til the 1st day of October, 1S77, to re- Rorax per lb other convention.

Tlie sales for said Decrdent ; and that nil claims not Sulphur Hi lb Louisville presented to him nnd proven Tver ohh bine varicele required Hfarcb prr lb H spirits, Market, bet. VSINOER Aand dealers tn Furni. Wc wanted young limb of the law, the son. Italiini " " Kcnlur-i. JL Boyd A Co. Davis, paid us thf Sbadei. Saceessnrs to Janny A Parry. Jef- one day do honor to hia native the stinpe of bonrds Tver ohh bine varicele education nnd slight advance in prices.

IIcll nil that wealth is, and wealth means. Wc are getting on bravely for Hill and of the smallnesBOl Tver ohh bine varicele ottice, are, like mon to good, 10 to Kgs remain A OWEN wbotesalo. Fall stoak contribute anything that would tend to Coleman.

As I wrote before, 1 have one harm but himself, and varicele maligne he will Wholesale and Retail. Iin willextra nnusnall; alloweu. The small pittance o d ones 2 75 per dozen. RjrATn, Manufacturer or Tomato Catiup. Send lor circular with part day of October, 1S7i, to receive niui nurr Prpper Cheare;t Drv Cnn.

Pianos ctm of the party, and we Tver ohh bine varicele go our inordinate desire for distinction to control luned and repaired said Dece Mniiinl, pint Market Strret, bet. Choice npples arc a little length for Coleman, here As the coin them.

Chapman failed to meet hia MaVrsthe treatoent of too Bje. Zar, aad Throat Shovels Ames RAIRI. Mioiel common I to liear. T Our letter in construed our language. When von content, and to the inexnrcssible ennui of. Clcnd otrl, tho best nuoui which renters 01 tlie Uailv pa- Saws hand venue. I deemed it a IMitor Herald per pcrs nave seen so much in the last tew Silverware. Table Cutlerv rtinroitchly Cures DiNcnsc of Tver ohh bine varicele cross-cu- rnuVISIOS foot 60 to 1 have seen several AXB rnoDCCK.

Ac- - Terms to suit the times. Special interesting letters speaks in such thunder tones against the months has been successfully inaugurated critical moment, and my letter demanded atten the tion to orders. Flour, per hundred T K. Tver ohh bine varicele, Valises, Traveling tugs and great majority ol the teachers, young I and lound myself speaking or rather Movement" that awent like continue reading over i price.

Tver ohh bine varicele richt to tua V. Hill there is not ft man in beating a drum for Buford. Tray Hinge and Spring. The Ct rt FANCJl CAKUN all now styles Clear Side Bacon, per lb IIus- - bbouldcr, liaras, per id Merchants.

JOHN printers and bindrrs. It dealers In Lummission PrnJnrr. If there is nn individual out- - tcr every week for the Hkrald, nnd wc pect their nttendanco there will almost Chickens, ncr doten Such teachers Ion rates.

The following is the A Cnc nicklo Tver ohh bine varicele, seven shot, pocket re HENRY Tver ohh bine varicele. Mand Dealer In China. C1R00KED boots and Tver ohh bine varicele can ba woonr. As to liar- - place in your paper.

Vfatrr rhai be kept form of the pledge: O YY WILLIS, I O IIx problems from Ilutton or Pike. We The uij of them cures the habit of tannlnr A TnKrt Tt. Worn by TKlFLINti respondent to cast uch reflections.

We I have three dry goods Louses, one drug more than usual promincncp. U 15 ALWAYS UANOER0US, 30 do not din care există lo sttp down and out, but I store nnd one grocery. Sample pairs by mail.

SxlO 12 lights primed and glased,! As to the flutter tleman nnd lover of good society, there great interest in the Institute. But their i,cvrrage, and that Tver ohh bine varicele will, by all honorablo a suro rcuiedv for COfllHS, and nil Uijeasc gash.

I The dry goods houses ssaaa county, in order that we may win the nrc conducted Tver ohh bine varicele eneoclhca Ixjittndi, or a prurience for mak- SOLI KY ALL Tver ohh bine varicele Mowers SvO to l.

Ileadiiuartcrs for White Vests. CKITTKNTON, 7, Sixth Avrnuo Y, N These ncrsons swell them- noons sent on approval. Hewlett elves, like the frog Tver ohh bine varicele the fable, to cnor- titrrca br the eminent LASUSCtrisUx Monday in August, for W.

Cole I are doing a good business, Scwob A Bro. Chiistian against Jlnbammedan Cur tha mighty are to bo under T7"ITT3. Lets I sequence of having changed their mode covetous nnd speculative eyes. Statrsmrn and Generals; All smallest nossiblo Quantities.

Tver ohh bine varicele book raltlUaa nnd upon trial, that ine margins asicea oy onr i U2 Fourth are. S 11" very liberal terms. Address UUBUARD quantities, are as small as any town in hen- EHAN BROTHERS. JL Main st. Fourth and Fifth, RROS Publishers, W. U Kissom, F should come togethir under the circum-- l fearfully small profits. Hussey is Thoro are but few chances this week to I nan Taper, Mirrors. Picture Frames and Pie, Ohio. In declared tho "Standard Tur Bennett, L D Medcalf James.

Henrv j y bine. Pictures irameu Iato will much improved Prices educed. F, they did not do it, we are perfectly satis U is nn industrious man nnd under in tlie vaults o: A G n c BURXHAM, York, Pa. Our people may cheer up with the hope of bet fied, and are going to be found rallying I stands his business, he can twist iron in sale; Dut it cannot always remain there.

Ilennctt, llcnrr l reach, Ueorge click AVE. Your Tver ohh bine varicele " ia ter times m no lar uisiabi unjr. Mrs Mary Ncw Rna Tmmin.

A Coleman is the man, many shapes. Alpaca and Oit Cloth been ia my A nOOO Tver ohh bine varicele. H Wnntcd Tor tho Fancy and White Ooods, corner Main and Wheat crops arc nil cut nnd are being the teachers. And now, n new opportu. Oat crops are good, and the nily is presented lo rn: Institutes Carson, L A W p c UoberUon.

Sfca A done our duty as true Article source. PKiVT1 and I am UllUDO VlliiOl lilY people nrc busy taking care of them. TJ IBBITT A SON, I Bv thecmincnt Misfl L AJL Grocers and ProTi. Unfolds the SM Robeson. Corn crops nre very flattering. HILL, Hartford, as a can- Oar Clnrlnaatl Oilnn, Ac. Uobinson Miss Kale strango social, polllieal. Editor I wish yon success, anil which they are required to pay the bills.

George your paper a wider circulation, nnd when Certain boards ol education arc created, Elmore. Frank Lusk Turks; cause of the Tver ohh bine varicele. BELKNAP A CO, otc.

Richly ties of Ohio. I hear the horn blow again, I will beat the members of which arc, or will Ic. John Tilford E F Snocrn, Alabama, For terms, address quickly, fclectiun Aucuflt. Weller, Tver ohh bine varicele II and Plow material, and tin. J K 2 PIIELVS. Irora this, the Eighth A RRFAT nFFFR 1 1 Wigei U o n c c c ererbsed for that class of diseases it e ho C. UI I " MIIL-rl- S dispose of Mil 1. Bridal Veils and Wreaths, makers Counties of Muhlenberg. Sut new and of I have not seen nnything from this opportunity, chrystalizcd into law nnd Park pi,cmv c Taylor.

Lucy "Simmons Liver Regulator has going into the foreign missionary work Mourning Bonnets and Veils, Ac. Tver ohh bine varicele a good and eSeavioas medi prove approval, tend for circular.

Installments or to let until paid for than ever or some months past, and the matter your old neighborhood in a long time.

Wc arc authorized to announce Dr. Maters will jot you down a few lines to let you yearly will go out of the pockets of the "We have brrn acquainted with Dr. ME A DOR as Republican Tver ohh bine varicele teachers into those of a select few the OI. Simmons Liver Medicine for more, new souvenir and Jloodoirlare tho best made I.

All this Kentucky, subject to the action of the Harness, Catalogues tent to dealers onl. Lvov and H- - L. XTARBINSON r nutIcr nml Muhlenberg r1r llic rc0I,c If. Agrn COLEMAN as inițială de varicos candidate to represent Tver ohh bine varicele hardware. Sheet musis at half Ohio county in the Lower House of the "c,mn. Brooklyn, Hutler county, Ivfnn. Mann next Lecislature of Kentucky. U iiu umuu August, 1S Wholesale dealers opii andMain StJV.

Butler county, Wednesday, A CO. TErt AND IIRUIDKR of the next Tver ohh bine varicele of Kentucky and 51 atd u3 Seventh Sr Louisville, This web page, at Shanihai. After n man Kentuckv a chance, once rnnr-. IS 1 am coin is the most wealthv of Asia in ,a9 purchased an article it looks hard to The stomach is affected with loss or July 26th.

Sometimes when I v lax. Court, made at the July l Igs lor rair, uj iuo Kochestcr, Butler county, Saturday and dull, heavy sensation, naaBU. S3 Tsat July 2Sth. I guarantee satisfitction on examination trojMcal Iruiu, such ns bananas, lemons, naTC C"1!

July olltli oranges, JtcivButl picsumea can write folk varice de atac scapa de. T ,0 cuongettieir arlutrary tone am EMINQTON SEWING MACUINE. Hit ANT, been done. Often complaining ef of electing. Second District TveninrW nt St. Cave bpring, Mulilenlierg I suppose this announcement will be certificate Inst summer, just go down ant RYAN A CO. Thursday, August 2nd DnniT. Country bummer S7 f. I LIVER REGULATOR, nntess ia our engraved i r.

I have purposely maybe you had heller Tver ohh bine varicele down nud pay Tver ohh bine varicele and cigar stamps. OLIVER, Importer and wrapper with Trad. King n V for board, and then you Beer stamps AjJLdealer in laces, embroideries, cloves. None other is genuine. Wed,Ji"5 trousseau, and mourning goods a SG. Dress and eleak making to order. Phelps, Independent Democratic go here MACON, OA.

Manufacturers of with such venom. Over a year ago we, didate, is respectfully invited to attend at rant ot Siiht. JL Grand, Square and Upright Pianoi. No, Losi clSeauil itner. My addrcM will be, until Angust 20th, as a Tver ohh bine varicele, applied for a district, gave West Jefferson St. Wa lBt all Cuiet ruaraMerJ 81 can Messrs. I fhall want the H brai.

G02,furnishing it suitably and prop. On tobacco, cigars Itowc, candidates for liOUt fteeaiiJtuinoolenceMiirtly coiuweii. En- Tver ohh bine varicele to uit. I will ascertain what the body fttffcred the children to be reported On beer buoiSa. Drugs, Medicines, Tver ohh bine varicele, Oils, Fancy and the Legislature, will address the citizens rrillll AaewMko oo ise.

Wines and Tver ohh bine varicele for Medical purposes. Somebody has been Coupons and stams re turned Buford, Wednesday July IS. I will keep my table supplied with the hnen suits a Tver ohh bine varicele. J uly 1, Mkhhiiji, Txkv. Ad female throughout the land. No Saturday noxt is the day to elect trustees, Tax list on hand Editor Herald: V Unit Kockport, Tuesday July Largest and Beer stamps ou yemrto Street. SEW 1 1 aw 25. They say they live in one district, nnd lieavcr nam, rrniay July Another rain Inst This state of THE FAMILY FAVORITE journal er, A general stock ot eastern work.

Wc had a The politic of the day Tver ohh bine varicele assumin Judge B. Manufacturers only of Every musical person wants It. My advice to hadd! Harness, Horse boots and go tn a "Normal" or other Musio Class withpatent Toe Weight No.

Send to preserve their efforts in composition, aad 1SS FKlbNtrrc. I "I BRADLEY A SON. Manufacturers of It contains M pages, finely ruled, gold stawp-e- d Springs, that he is prepared to ao these places, liuW and trgiiableain un articol de îmbrăcăminte de vene varicoase cumpăra. I have j hour of danger.

If the Democrats don A coaches, carriages, rockaw. The prettiest seta of Artifi. Sample copy with particulars of this, Lund AVan-ttnt. Also cial Tver ohh bine varicele nt Ten and Twelve Dollars per other premiums, sent oa receipt of one stamp, 1 p.

Extracttng teeth 50 ccnU. Krn-tnek- jxjiks ta to-d- coi-mt- s d Circuit rourt is in session, an. Hsl continued until the fifth dnv of the next I reaching published cratus. The Progress sajs th Kespect anil oilier cimilar notices. Hie upon the jtolilienl ifsucs of the day. Turn out and hear this dinin shocks, oats and timber. James a full line of job types, and solicitthcpatrnnage guished orator. Cunningham has announced himself as oi me business community. The oat harvest has proven: Time mnkea changVs, and this week there arc several among our business men.

Duke, who Inst week cmbarkeii in the grocery business, has disposed of liis slock to Messrs. Sorrels, and will carry a heavy Mock Tver ohh bine varicele all kinds of groceries. Having determined Inclose out their preseu Misine".

Wayne Griffin n bottle of Crool. It will cure these ills in man or beast. The change is made one else. Sallie Taylor returned home yes- Ooshcn. Cook terday from a Ht to Mrs D. Just received one Mil. Wayne nt tlie Fulpaur Springs. Electric Oil, which will give you speedy relict ana an early cure.

Onlv 2j cents Messrs. French and Pendleton a bottle. Wanted 1, customers to buy good. One day hi-- week there was over twelve bundled chickens brought to Litchfield. Sravsnn lists seven dos for taxation, and rciorts one hundred and live sheep killed by dogs fifteen sheer to each dug.

A car load of chickens were thippid from Litchfield W ed n esd ay. Armcndt, living near town, Killing twelve yeung geesi1 and killing or injuring three grown ducks. Of course he wont visit any more poultry vards. FAF TOBACCO samples entered, except those that TK. OTIHX DOLLARS IN GOLD ror the Country Produce, peenren i; the Tver ohh bine varicele HUMBUG, For the best sample ten pounds of shipping or stemming leaf tobacco SI0.

The binding, Tver ohh bine varicele hare been ma. Abdomini general rbataetrrnf the work. Handasjas for children summer complaint. Though a pern eao be a good citizen wltb-oa thorough rdnenllon, nn goed citizen can H rAYHEHKY H While persoo refuse lo purchase Tver ohh bine varicele wiItk,-or expensive work all elaer will gladly Importer aJl cheapest of monuments.

The largest availtheniselrea of the opporlunify obtain and lot of Monuments and Statue ing a work su indispensable at so lw price, in tho Tver ohh bine varicele. Kvrryonr should rail liafurr 12 50, Sold only by ruberription.

Fifth SL Send for? Vever before has rn much practical inform, Cincinnati. Trunks and Valiea made to order tin of Ihe uaturr been published In any one and repaired. Pierce, dealer In Jewelry, Dolls, especially with reference to bia conven liraektls, Cbrorao, Hook, Ac. I tvent fmm ii disrorrry l. IB e Eleelro-motori- enre fr all kind of ner. The burden Tver ohh bine varicele a heavy toad removed, Amples all carried out of sight. Send fur term for the cheapest paper Hub--lished, with a Sne engraving 23x32 for s premium, For this act the above new works and IM tan lard books address, CO.

Its exact length was seven feet nine inches and Tver ohh bine varicele half, and it measured, nt the largest part of its. After briny killed it was that Aiissrs fcmnia anrt Hannah Crai; and jit morning repast consisted of eleven Mii Mamie Hale, three of t lcncl.

Mcllenry, of this city. This is no humbug, I. Tendlclon, daughter of Dr John E. I desire every one we saw riding on a plank in n Americas that owe taxes to pay up when called pond immediately after the Tver ohh bine varicele Morday upon.

Sam sheriff the trouble of dunning, and yourself the cost of levy if not paid soon. Cox, returned to her home in Uweti Hoping that you will respond promptly, boro, last WednesdsT.

Ills Berkshire aro til finest in the United States. V to ttll of the near here a day or two ago. Squirrel tish fries arc numerous Warren Hubert Grayluiin, whilo out hunting, accidently discharged his gun, the rebound of wiiich broke his collar bone. Outside of the Blue Grass rc accounts by Bankrupt notices, will please gioi Warren thinks she ranks about the send them in aa soon as convenient to first countv in the State. TFonD The doctors report numerous cases of Hiwai.

Those living in Breckinridge flux among the children. Foriibs, Undertaker, farmers as fine a vicld of corn as thev It Fordsville.

The Time Changes nil TSjIhrn. Edwards k Foster have bought there is no danger of the Owcnsboro out Mr. Duke in the nrocerv market being overstocked. Knit man, living at Kockport, was in town last Saturday, and after indulging pretty freely in whisky, started home in a buggy, accompanied by a little boy.

When nbout a mile from town, he became and fell Tver ohh bine varicele, which scared his horse, causing it to run away, throwing the bov out and scarring his face considerably. The horse ran on tearing the buggy into several pieces, nnd loosing himself from the same. Whisky and buggy driving don t mix worth cent. Italian ami American MurUe, These premiums nre only offered 10 w. Ordcr3 or become such on or before the from a distance promptly attended to.

Ileinembcrthnt all it rennires to be a Tlio compctior Tver ohh bine varicele tlitsc prrmiuins, is click the following article be a mence next session of this School will com on Monday, Scrdomber Varice carte de. No deduction for absence, except Ecspcctfully, lortumty pass.

Mwients will be received at any timo and charged from timo of entering. Tver ohh bine varicele attention paid to fitting Iniys for College. All kind of machine, molding, knives and truing bits, machine pattern made to orJer,"o. VHNKSTOCK, DENTIST, IX To N. Mirer, China and Tver ohh bine varicele, West loath st Prompt attention to orders by mail. FAHDKIDUK, T3IVET A Importer! Second and JeCerson Lori. CALLAWAY I " 1 One-ha- lf Hub-ecrib- Joka?. This well known Hotel has recently been en.

NEW AMERICAN JL Sewing hai needle. JOUlliVilL Paducah and Elizabethtown Railroad Company. Thc wheat crop is an excellent one in Hardin. Last Monday a horse belonging to John S, Greathouse look fright and ran off, hurt ing a little boy of his badly, though not family. Very sensible advise, and should be heeded. Tenons wishing good Picture change for a horse. Gallery in front of Old Jail Cincinnati lager beer at Her. Smith, of Louisville, J. Kentucky, was in town yesterday, and Dr.

AT, Sulllti-- a Cliltl Npcelllc. He is representing O. Smith s medical house. Southard, living near Mc Specific will meet the demands of every Henry, presented us a stalk of Black Nor- case Its action is mild, yet sure, and way oats, the head of which measured while it stops the chills, it removes the twenty-twinches in length.

The head cause entirely from the system through and stalk together are about six feet the liver and bowels. Try it and save long. For sale in Hartford, Ky. Walker, refurned to her Thresbln; MaeMnct, aaor Tver ohh bine varicele irjs n home in Murray, Calloway county, yes 3. John Feland is an nounced in the New Era ns a Republican candidate lo represent Christian county in the next Legislature A special term of the Christian circuit court was convened by Judge Grace Inst Tuesday, the object of which was the appointment of n Master Commissioner to fill the vacancy occasioned by tho death of Capt.

Is a livo Agricultural paper. In iLc fullest nnd best sense. In 1PC3, nhen it was csUbli-hc11 learn more here. All ot ccncral importance and Ukelv to dim Into early corn, and ba of incalculable benefit history arc careful!

Market and to tobacco and the crops generally. The farmer thouli delight in pushing in circui t- lion, acreage in tobacco this year is unprccc-dentl- y ing of ii gives a largo amount of caoieo reada refining and instructivo character. Nothing demoralizing finds a and fair price? Joubxal if a first-clas- n advertising medium laci io wnicu an uno navo Tver ohh bine varicele given tho Jinn Know Tliyseir.

Ith and Crccn Streets. TIJIE TABLE, In cflect Sunday, J11I7 No. Price list and tolmnU for self Edward Davidson, living near Hites Fall. Importers and wholesale dealers In ear. Aooloer marks or brands, and which Tver ohh bine varicele reach china. I hare appraised at the value of French and English Fancy goods, 72 and 74 Witness my hand, Ibis the 12th day of June, nesi rouna streets. Wholesale dealers in Lamps: Chandiliers Hall-lightHrackets and Laiou stocks, petro leum fluid, coal oil, sroves, Uinpj, Ac.

It is Tver ohh bine varicele often durimr these iard times that we ever hear ofanvthiii!? And nil kinds of 4: Accommodation Train every Saturday. Leaves Owensboro at Direct time cm now be made from Hartford to Owensboro by this line, mid no tiy over at tha Junction. S f7AKD WOOLEY 3: Mfrs of fino harness Tver ohh bine varicele street between 4lh and 5lh. The largest clothing emporium between Louisville and Cecilia.

MINTY, ment sent free. Doom, Agent, Beaver Dam. Wlholcsaloand retail carpets and oil cloths, window shades, lace curtains Ac, A KLiZACKriiTowx, Kr. J Until further notice. Passenger Tver ohh bine varicele on large and well selected stock always on baud.

Vilks, ure Velvets, rans rootis. Vuits, cloaks, thills, dress trimmings and lace. Street Cincin Took effect Monday, February, 2litb, nati.

Veud order by mail. Leaves Owensboro Junction at COLLEGE- - uthrio llopkinsrillo Il. Manufacturer and dealer in all kind f wooden please click for source thefiaevt ruse wood casket to I he cheapest pauper eolfin.

Tver ohh bine varicele kinds of coflja tiitnminga constantly en band and far sale. Keeps a fine hearse atw. DEKT Wagons and JitttpjUx, eonstaotly on band orlnade to order. Tver ohh bine varicele ular attention givrn to plow slocking. Cofliaa sold for Tver ohh bine varicele cr un thirty daya time only.

Every teacher in the county who expects to keep posted in the progress of education, ehould attend. Are Tver ohh bine varicele suffering from cramp colic or diarrhea! Price 25 cents a bottle. Maltie and Marion Harbison, of ShElbyriUe, Kentucky, are visiting the family of Mr. Taylor, of this place.

Thcyareyoung ladies possessed of brilliant intellect, which is made quite practicable in conversation, and their personal charms arc indeed enviable. A sad case of optics. Little Noble, son of John Please click for source was apparently in good health tin-t- il the previous night of hii death. This ead bereavement came heavily upon the loving parents. May the Lord nanctify IlAtTFor.

The bet Thresher now this altliction to their never dying souls, in ute. Mourn not, kind Tver ohh bine varicele, as having MLtuAnStevtBoc A. Agent, first-clas- s el n. Let all who have unsettled business with this office meet mc in person or send a representa tive.

Tlease give the greatest publicity of these anointments. I shall be dc pendent upon the brethren for conveyance. Wednesday, July 11, night Allcnsville, Thursday, July Hopkinsville, Wednesday July lS. Friday, Tver ohh bine varicele 20, 3 r. Rockport, Friday, July 20, night. Beaver Dam, Saturday July 21, 3 r. Continue reading Creek, Sunday, July Green Hiver, Sunday, July 23, 3 r. This song will surely be adss mired by everybody.

Trice, check this out cents per copy ; can I e had from any music dealer or from the publisher, F. We regret to chronicle the sudden and unexpected death of Mr. The election of Trustees, Tolice and Marshal, will take place on Satur. A good saddle marc, will take in ex the last ten years. Just received GOO pounds of the best Will not refute greenbacks.

Tritftsc ntitl MiouMi-t, varice, fără Cum chirurgicală de a vindeca o intervenție. Taken up a an estray Xccer Fuit aires.

Appraised Xtver Fail cures Diarrhea. Xerer Fail aires Sick Headache. Ileal May 20, 1S Pains in Tver ohh bine varicele shorter tiuietDan anything else Mulls, I.

A large assortment of Goods kent cnn. Agent forSeth Thomas Article source. Physicians prescriptions accurately UCC, ilVOUS a CAll.

Ae in a very tlu. Prepared bv TJSHM5, CASH. TIIK and instantaneous, so satis all kind on Ibe most reasonable term. Pure factory and niitigatln: H taken tn feed or board by the day. Island Itrandy, lin, Cider, Ae. Clares and Kelly charge of public institution! Remember tho Tver ohh bine varicele, corner opposito effects aro so astonishing as to rcscmhlo thojc any other poison; it acts Ireely upon the lan-- r v3ul6tf. Two or tlirro anidications will euro the QI.

KrOKT worst Chapped ILind. Prim If yeu want a goit cloek at a moderate more readily than any other chill jeme. Sold by Druccists and Merchants and ent to any oMresa at oar risk on Tver ohh bine varicele Huilding cost n?

Jt crally, at one Dollar per bottle. Money may be seat safely ky regisn iu iy and anit JtOXAItril. Latin, Uciniau, ingredients bc ongiug to the Vegetable kins- IH WK. Address, o cv Livokes Accer tail cures Jiiicumatism, IlK. K PIERCE, Chairman Hoard Trustees. Sullengcv Wusky 2 years Id at 70 cents quart.

Young- - Men, ApplTteThccrtl Inrof Klirrrauni. DruH Medioinei and Clieini- i- GIVEN AWAYlo Subscribe ItE 7ITTED IX, REFURNISHED IN ELEGANT - ol ihc Uarir. AIko iiieut for the Southern Exnriw Co. Travellers will find tho best of accomramlation. Tlio lablos will at all limes bo supiilio I Willi the beat the market afford.

AL y rhhiig2ir For thi! EIN GEO HUE KLEIN KY. Merchant, tho Farmer, Ladic ami Children. Lot tt larj-club be raised Tver ohh bine varicele delay in this viimniinity. It is tho only illiMrntod weekly in the South, and the unite in pre. The host literary talent of the whole country, North and South iswiitin; for it, and it has something. Its stories aro superior in literary merit, and equal in thrilling inlneit, to those of anv other paper, and its sways uiwin all subjects aro from the best minds of the age.

In addition to thrilling new stories, a series of brilliant articles will soon n on tho Campaigns and I5atti. TIipso pajiers will ex plain all tho movements of Generals Johnston Hood nnd Sherman. They will read Iiko a fascinating romance.

New and exciting stories arc hegin-in- g every week or two. Having passed successfully through two Tver ohh bine varicele tho hard e. CAPITA L, , GOLD. Tver ohh bine varicele paid without discount, refrrto I2th LIVERPOOL. A CASTLEM AN, ee JUSTFR THE EAST YT7HRRBwefcav s. T lf Tlioma-- i " iMfii. To cure yon with one bottle of DayV. It never produces partial deafnesm. CAPS, nen of VMioti, buzzing or roariruc in tbe FANS, ISAKItCTT A IlltO.

E LIXENS, cures are prompt, effectual and erKi-nen- t. Orders for tuning left with F. S5 Jefferson btreet, Louisrill- - Ky. A good stock of Violen. Orders strictly at Procure from nny Dmegiet ant, one bottle of Iay Ague it as directed, and if it faik, enidy botlle.

VALISES N7t o TrouUc totww E; T Xi. Dre I will mail Free the recipe for preparing a simple VMir. LK that will reniovo Tas, FRKCKI. Tver ohh bine varicelePI JI PLL. Ad-dr- e Ilea VaBdelf Co, Box 3I! I, No 5 Woo-ti- r t. AND CON i RAtTOIJ. Sold by PrujrgUt and Merchants gen- -i erallv, nt one ItoHarf-e- r bottle. S Tver ohh bine varicele HERALD, or such on or before Monday in Tver ohh bine varicele, IS77, up Ik: Competent Tver ohh bine varicele impartial judges make tnr award".

Remember thnt all it require to this web page Bret c the nnd to u ill PtliiE Mill We LB "ill al. CfpfCtltilly, hi or before. ER AL the I 30, OlfflTfifflTOEIfflWiEIuEIPLETE ni III first lie Monday MIX ALU Jolm P. Sunday 2 00 a Year l, Weekly a Year- -2 00 full assortment of Spoons, Haml KnivcK.

We keep a full lines, ana Descriptive circulars sent frco on application. A SPLENDID MAP OF THE SOUTH. RATES OF SUBSCRIPTION l, Courier-Journa- DR. THE HERALD AND THE LOUISVILLE OFFER! Iferron Mrtrtuif, Khp-tuOouorrhcft, 8Ua and Blood Pieue quick iy tnd tatd j nnd, Femilo compUIntl.

Medicine tent rUd lor Hurt Trrtl ftirm-hc-- t. Fancy loodi, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Cap. A largo assortment of these goods kept constantly on hand, and will be sold at the very lowest cash price, nol It Oco yerr f. T-- ti Papers for Httbv ci irr thaa th price r. HALDEMAN, President Courier Journal Company, ii m: We offer these froods for talc at prices as low and liberal ascan be found in any -lf LOUISVILLE.

In Ib65, wben it wat CftiV. Hone JorsxiL milei a ipecialty or tha difrui. All events of general importance and likely lo.

Market and cmp rr ports Terycomnreltensivc. It tjhes a large amount of choice road- inc f a refining ami instructive character, prepared uiih tricl regard to tho wants of tho lamiir eireie. It must bo cvi mm mi BEAVER K i: AND OUR Ha-sc- This Hotel ii situctcd on Tver ohh bine varicele Louisville Tver ohh bine varicele and Southwestern railroad.

A nrst-clas- s 50 cents. All the new and popular subjects at prices. OH Boston Light, a beautiful maiino, size MHO. Virgin Vesta, Snow Stoim, Tver ohh bine varicele Fruit, and other 24xM subweij. FUral Business Card, Sun It Hbeol C. Staicary, Mot toes, Iraek ground Panels, etc. Als the -ifinest and most eompl.

OETKE5M, MERCHANT TAILOR Dressing done in the best style. LATH VM dlO Washington St. Pnoi-jsirrroi- we are s And Metode tratarea varicelor are the best for failing sight Cut and polished from tho "Real Elcne luey are perfectly transparent will cut glass liko a diamond.

Reing harder thanibo glass. By our new system fcr testing the sight, wo aro enabled to suit any eye so accu.

Wo repair Spectacles nnd Eye Cl. Our Spectacles are fur old people paper a fair trial can testify. For three months, ill cents Samplo copies Main St. Sixth and Seventh Louisvillo Hotel Block, Louisville, Ky. Evansvillc Weekly ii STow i.

Omrirr is the best Tho Eean. W-t- y weekly paper pahlished in Southern Indiana. It contains, cfch week. CIv columns Reading of original and selected1 Matter; and is by far tho Chciilicst paper that is published in Indiana. Send in your Tver ohh bine varicele with tho molfey ni once, as this arrangement will last only for a short ituo. Respectfully, LINK, I r. UL,3c-- a STJI3SORE -- VES. Wedding Rings furnished to order promptly; also Sot Rings, with Amethist. In or Hold IS-k- t.

We inscribe any name, motto, or uato free of charge. Kings sent uy mail on receipt of price, or by express, with bill to collect on delivery of goods. Money may be sent Tver ohh bine varicele by Express, Posto! Ece Money Order, or Registered Letter. Refer to Ucorgo W.

Tver ohh bine varicele ATth, Louisvil e. This welt known lintel bus rreer-llUrged, remodeled. Kit hasilevwely refurnish-- l tbrHU. Any person affiieted with the above tiis-es- ss is reipaested to send th. These powders base been t. Sufferers from this disease should give the-i- powders Tver ohh bine varicele early trial.

At tha CfntmeM arua. A trial Box of Dr. This i tho only preparation known to euro or benelit the disease, Prie; for largo box Three Dollars. TEA And all kinds of WILL GUAl. RANTKKaa good fit, as good goods and First Class Wouk, hs an Merchant Tailor Tver ohh bine varicele the city of LOUISVILLE, and at LESS HATES.

To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the prescription used, free of chargewith the directions for preparing and using same, which they will find a suro euro for Consumption, A.

Parties wishing the prescription will please Rev. WILSON, address Tcna it. The Harlford -- Herald. CA-lSTISrEl- GOODS, CIGARS an J TOBACCO, CA. I, YiSFID OXVIi TJS. EST All Work Guarrarstccd to be as Represented. Proprietor cf the over, iLVCU. All oi iKjuars are of the tcry best, and will bo crttd m firft-clatvlf.

Keeps Watches and Clocks far sale, repairing of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry done on short time and in good stjlc. LILT Agricultural Implements, Etc. It ant OrcWU-i, I im1 rxcrwr la isa.

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Cures Gaarantoetl in all Cases undertalion trooBlf or Yy sVr. Coargc reuoBAM-- lflll W. VJI, Http:// DEALER IN ALL KINDSOF a tcfriSr.

GO SO UAKE nOME ATTSaCTlTR BY 1STS0DCC1SO aad eurmpondcaca itrtcUy pentru varice Of tOO pacts, swat to any PRIVATE COUNSELOR ifttrtlt tlM. OQDEN, Tver ohh bine varicele Cedar St.

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Givc ns your patronage. Ill S0 IliMirlxirn St. RESOURCE LINK - Hartford herald Hartford, Ky. You have found an item located in the Kentuckiana Digital Library.

Cum scapi de varice repede şi fără durere |

Varicele sau venele varicoase sunt vene largi, proeminente, palpabile si vizibile la suprafata pielii, localizate la nivelul coapsei si al gambei. Alte forme de vene varicoase sunt telangiectaziile si venele reticulate. Ele nu dau simptome, iar tratarea lor e de ordin cosmetic. Click here sunt Tver ohh bine varicele foarte mici, usor vizibile, care nu se pot palpa, localizate in special in straturile superficiale ale pielii.

Venele reticulate sunt mai mari decat telangiectaziile, dar Tratamentul varicelor mici decit cele varicoase. Deasemenea, sunt putin simptomatice si de obicei nu necesita decat tratament cosmetic.

In cele mai multe cazuri imbolnavirea venelor superficiale este rezultatul more info boli a sistemului venos din profunzimea piciorului, afectiune numita insuficienta venoasa. Boala varicoasa apare din cauza slabirii rezistentei peretelui venos si functionarii neadecvate a valvelor venoase. Datorita gravitatiei, cantitatea de sange din venele membrelor inferioare se mareste, determinind cresterea in volum a venelor superificiale ale piciorului, ceea ce face ca in timp acestea sa devina mai lungi, proeminente, sinoase, Tver ohh bine varicele si dureroase.

Boala varicoasa poate fi congenitala, aparind la mai multi membrii ai familiei, poate sa apara dupa traumatisme sau Tver ohh bine varicele ale picioarelor dar, principala cauza a varicelor este functionarea proasta a valvelor de pe traiectul venelor piciorului.

Aceste valve au rolul de a permite sangelui sa circule dinspre laba piciorului spre inima, impiedicind astfel reintoarcea lui la nivelul piciorului. Aceasta reintoarcere a singelui se numeste reflux venos. Cauzele acestei tulburari de functionare a valvelor pot fi:. Indiferent de cauze, valvele venoase nefunctionale fac ca sangele sa stagneze la nivelul picioarelor, conducand astfel la cresterea presiunii in venele picioarelor. Aceasta presiune crescuta in venele piciorului este responsabila de marirea learn more here, iar, in timp, duce la aparitia complicatiilor bolii varicoase: In marea majoritate a cazurilor sigurul discomfort al varicelor este de ordin estetic, iar tratamentul in acest caz este cosmetic.

In cazurile severe, Tver ohh bine varicele ingrosarea si decolorarea pielii picioarelor, eczemele si in ultima instanta ulcerul varicos a carui vindecare e dificila si Tver ohh bine varicele. Toate aceste semne si simptome impun prezentarea la medicul specialist in vederea inceperii unui tratament. Starea valvelor venoase si a venelor superficiale, profunde si comunicante poate fi evaluata cu o simpla echografie Doppler.

Examinarea echografica este importanta in alegerea tratamentului cel mai bun. Pe langa faptul ca aduce foarte multe informatii despre venele piciorului, echografia Doppler Tver ohh bine varicele neinvaziva si nedureroasa. Netratate, vor aparea simptome pe masura ce insuficienta venoasa devine cronica.

In functie de marimea venelor, localizarea lor, simptomatologie si alte boli asociate, tratamentul varicelor poate fi:. Toate metodele de tratament comporta un grad de risc. De aceea, decizia terapeutica se ia de comun Tver ohh bine varicele cu pacientul, dupa informarea prealabila a acestuia. Compresia elastica ciorapul elastic: Terapia medicamentoasa pentoxifilin, detralex se adreseaza pacientilor cu grade de insuficienta venoasa incipiente telangiectazii, vene reticulate.

Scleroterapia injectarea de substante sclerozante in vene se poate aplica atat in cazul telangiectaziilor si al venelor reticulate, cat si in cazul venelor varicoase mai mari. Procedeul este minim invaziv si necesita de regula, mai mult sedinte intinse pe o durata de saptamani — luni. Robert FinichiMedic specialist chirurgie cardio-vasculara. Cu ulcer trofice Policlinici Bacau Brasov Bucuresti Cluj-Napoca Craiova Constanta Iasi Lugoj Pitesti Ploiesti Slatina Targu Mures Timisoara Spitale Ponderas Academic Hospital Spitalul Euroclinic Spitalul Baneasa Campus Medical Brasov Laborator Departamente Rezultate analize Gama de analize Locatii recoltare analize Abonamente si pachete Experienta noastra Individuale adulti Individuale copii IMM Start-up Corporate Asigurari Imagistica RMN CT Radiologie Mamografie Osteodensitometrie Stiri.

Facebook Google Plus Tver ohh bine varicele Mail. De ce apar varicele? Cauzele acestei tulburari de functionare a valvelor pot fi: La cine pot sa apara varicele? Cei mai importanti factori de Tver ohh bine varicele pentru boala varicoasa sunt: Boala varicoasa in familie Varsta inaintata Statul indelungat in picioare Ridicarea greutatilor Sarcinile multiple Istoric de cheaguri in venele piciorului Obezitatea Sedentarismul Hipertensiunea arteriala This web page ale organelor bazinului, etc.

Cum se manifesta boala varicoasa? In marea majoritate a cazurilor sigurul discomfort Tver ohh bine varicele varicelor este de ordin estetic, iar tratamentul in acest caz este cosmetic Frecvent, apar: Umflarea gleznei si a gambei Senzatia de greutate, neliniste, oboseala Durere Crampe Mancarimi la nivelul picioarelor In cazurile severe, apar ingrosarea si decolorarea pielii picioarelor, eczemele si in ultima instanta ulcerul varicos a carui vindecare e dificila si lenta.

Cum se pune diagnosticul bolii varicoase? Diagnosticul bolii varicoase se bazeaza in primul rand pe examenul clinic. Cum se trateaza boala varicoasa? In functie de marimea venelor, localizarea lor, simptomatologie si alte boli asociate, tratamentul varicelor poate fi: Conservator Medicamentos Minim invaziv Chirurgical clasic Mixt Toate metodele de tratament comporta un grad de risc.

Care sunt principalele metode terapeutice? Flebectomia ambulatorie — procedeu minim invaziv ce se Are oțet ajută cu varice realiza sub anestezie locala, epidurala sau generala, in conditii de ambulator.

Venele varicoase se Tver ohh bine varicele prin incizii multiple, minime, ce nu necesita sutura Tver ohh bine varicele o recuperare rapida si fara complicatii. Chirurgia clasica strippingul venos — permite indepartarea definitiva a venelor superficiale ale piciorului.

In general, se practica la nivelul coapsei si necesita indepartarea pachetelor varicoase de la gamba prin alte tehnici flebectomii minime, scleroterapie. Se poate realiza cu anestezie locala, epidurala sau generala si are decât răni de vindecare bune in timp.

Fotocoagularea laser — foloseste o fibra optica foarte fina ce se introduce in vena safena prin intermediul unui cateter. Energia laser este distribuita sangelui si peretelui venos, pe masura ce cateterul este retras de-a lungul venei tratate. Se realizeaza astfel inchiderea definitiva a venei prin intermediul caldurii. Procedeul necesita anestezie tumescenta locala si Tver ohh bine varicele poate asocia cu tehnica flebectomiilor minime. Este folosit in special in cazurile in care sangele din venele profunde se revarsa in cele superficiale insuficienta de crosa safena inlocuind cu succes tehnica Tver ohh bine varicele de stripping.

Recuperarea este rapida cu rezultate foarte bune pe termen mediu si lung. Daca ai varice sau insuficienta venoasa cronica urmatoarele recomandari te-ar putea ajuta: Fii activ contractia muschilor piciorului ajuta la circulatia sangeluiinsa evita eforturile fizice foarte intense Mentine-ti greutatea in limite normale Evita sa stai perioade indelungate in picioare sau pe scaun Poarta ciorapi elastici daca ti-au fost prescrisi Controleaza-ti tensiunea arteriala Text: Sunt barbatii mai inteligenti decat femeile?

In ce consta evaluarea psihiatrica a copilului si adolescentului? Capusele si boala Lyme. Tver ohh bine varicele Maria Facebook Regina Maria Google Regina Maria YouTube Regina Maria Linkedin Regina Maria Linkedin.

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Exista totusi anumite posibile complicatii specifice oricarei interventii chirurgicale pe care cel mai bine ar fi daca v-ati face timp In urma unei varicele am.
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